Jesse Gilbride

front end aficionado & web standards devotee


Semantically proper and SEO-ready, your site's content is ready for the web.


A modern user experience presents styles that draw attention, layouts that fit your needs and is welcoming on the eyes.


A site that is purely informational with text and images might be all you need, but with added functionality it really comes alive.


Your site should be ready to meet the viewing needs of your clients and visitors.  A responsive website ensures the best user experience.

A few words about...


I have been involved in creating and maintaining websites for several years, both front-end development as well as QA. I enjoy the challenges of putting designs and concepts into form and funtion. Aside from making (web) user interfaces, I brew beer, create and perform music, and I enjoy trail running and vinyasa yoga.


Standards are good because they bring rigor and clarity to an edeavor. They also provide an expectation of quality and maintainability. As the web and its technologies continuously evolve, it's nice to have a bedrock to stand on, to have a foothold for what exciting things the future may bring.

What I do

My goal is to hold up those standards and bring to life a site that exceeds expectations. I specialize in turning concepts, specifications, designs and UX documentation into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Good user experience (UX) is essential to a website (or any piece of software) and involves many aspects; intuitive layouts, proper sizing/spacing/color, flow of use, and a host of techniques that make a site worth using and revisiting.

I work well with others — a real "team player" — and do extensive research on what solutions will work best to accomplish the right outcome. Let's start the discussion!

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